Character: It has to be a core value.


On August 8th, Michael Hakerem, our chief strategist sent a very personal message to a community of professional friends. He also reached out to three organizations of which he is a longstanding member and leader:

  1. CFA Institute (Finance as a force of good.)
  2. Positive Coaching Alliance (Positive helps youth get the most out of sports.)
  3. Alpha Sigma Phi (to Better the World through Better Men)

Glenwood and our clients and friends are privileged to have as a partner an analyst and strategist of Michael’s experience, knowledge, and character. His personal care for and attention to the interests of every individual are unmatched, in our experience, among his professional peer group.

We share Michael’s message below as a testament to his personal values and as a testament to the authentic values upon which our firm was founded. His message includes the video below from a past interview that highlights inspirations from the West Point Cadet prayer and a favorite quote from Billy Graham.

Michael’s Message (an excerpt from Aug. 8th)

“We must fight for character building! This week, my family was unnerved when a friend of my oldest son, a young-man of color, was needlessly scared with harassment. Fights breakout at basketball games (parents, students, even refs). So-called finance professionals fleece trusting families. Fraternity hazing cases continue–even resulting in death. We all have stories.

More rules? Better incentives? More “big brothers?” May we agree that demonstrations of true character are too often LOST in our leaders, coaches, mentors, & even parents?…”

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