When will the Fed cut rates? Is inflation here to stay? Will inflation impact my investments?  We’re here to guide you through these questions and many more.   Glenwood’s portfolio management is led by Michael, now in his 31st professional year with extensive experience as an analyst, strategist, and portfolio manager for individuals and institutions. We offer tailored solutions for each family’s financial journey.

In today’s dynamic market, understanding the Federal Reserve’s stance is crucial. Recent hints suggest eventual rate cuts, but inflation surprises and the strength of the economy have shifted the timing of those expectations. Amidst global uncertainty and upcoming elections, navigating these changes requires a steady hand.

Economic indicators challenge conventional wisdom. Strong labor markets and consumer spending fuel inflation concerns, and Federal Reserve Chairman Powell’s message of patience has delayed rate cut expectations.

But wait!  Let’s not overlook one positive result from rate increases. Bond yields (the interest rates paid to bond investors) hover near yearly highs, presenting attractive income opportunities. The current bond yields have provided, at least for a time, welcome relief from the years of extraordinarily low yields. (Keep in mind, however, the difference between bond “yields” and bond “pricing”)

The “delay of rate cuts” narrative has put both stock and bond prices under pressure since the March Federal Reserve meeting. And, as investors wait for clarity on interest rates, other factors such as heightened geopolitical tensions and the upcoming U.S. election cycle also cloud the outlook.   

What sets Glenwood apart?

Unlike so many other firms that outsource the core investment decisions to “model” portfolios with a one-size-fits-all approach, we are committed to in-house flexibility and true customization for each client. Instead of cookie-cutter mutual funds or ETFs, we offer time-tested discipline and tailored strategies in using a core of individual securities to meet unique needs, goals, and circumstances. 

For example, one such strategy for fixed income, the “Barbell Portfolio”, balances short-term and long-term bonds for resilience in volatile rate environments. This approach, honed by Michael’s expertise, maximizes returns while managing risk effectively. Bond investing might seem complex, but we believe in simplicity. We explain methodically in plain language. 

We believe that simplicity is a great competitive advantage. We are delighted to discuss, confidentially and in plain language, any family’s situation and explain a customized strategy that meets your unique needs, goals, and circumstances.

We appreciate all our friends and collaborators that help make Glenwood’s mission possible; after all, Wealth management – it’s not just money.  It includes values, traditions, knowledge, memories, and so much more.

And to all of our non-client friends, we welcome you to a cordial update discussion of our continuing investment discipline and our commitment to a truly personalized relationship with each and every client.

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