Glenwood Financial Partners delivers advice and solutions for its clients in partnership with some of the world’s leading financial institutions, through their offerings of global research, vast databases, analytical tools, and securities specialists.

1.  When it comes to the disciplines of portfolio construction and remodeling, we tirelessly work to follow three main steps: Gather Well-Sourced Information. Interpret Information Based on Rules (not emotion or guesswork). Apply Findings to Each Client’s Personalized Objectives.

2.  Our work for clients includes close daily attention to the value found in global markets, company news, and a multitude of events that potentially impact our clients hard-earned wealth. The world “has gone global,” and so our asset allocation frameworks must include disciplines to consistently assess relative-value across numerous countries and territories.

The above infographics provide insight into expected returns, volatility, and the relative valuation status (expensive or not expensive) of broader markets around the globe. For example, the top-left visual illustrates that US (LARGE) stocks taken as a whole have a SHILLER P/E of 29 versus their historic Median value of 16. So, an analysis of the data could lead to a conclusion that the US (LARGE) stock market is relatively expensive at present levels. By contrast, the data for CANADA (top-right) taken as a whole has a SHILLER P/E of 20 versus its historic Median value of 19. So, consistent analysis could lead to a conclusion that the valuation of the broad CANADIAN stock market is neutrally valued at present levels.

The new year, and each new week, has brought conflicting data and uncertain events to digest. We offer the above insights in keeping with our keen attention to the global environment in which we live. A key part of Glenwood’s mission is to serve as advocates for well-informed and empowered investors. We lean on great partners to bring conviction to our analysis, and we remain committed to our reputation as an authentic resource for insights that benefit clients and our friends in the community.

Today and tomorrow, our goal is to help you live your best life. Please consider us welcoming resources for any question or discussion in plain language. We believe in a forthright and caring approach, and we are always delighted to talk things over. We want to think better, do better, and serve better.

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