Two Attributes Every Investor Should Demand

With the S&P 500 down over 5% at one point in early October 2018, investors are once again worried about the end of the upward sloping markets. The volatility experienced over the past few weeks is not unusual for this time of year, and we believe it is important to remain focused on the fundamentals.
Shareholder-friendly trends can be summed into a Magic Formula of fundamentals: Earnings + Dividends + Merger & Acquisition activities + Capital Expenditures by corporations +/- trends in Investors’ Willingness to Pay Up or Down for investments.
A competitive advantage exists in uncertain financial markets for investors or advisors who negate emotional responses from investment decision-making and possess a toolkit of skills, risk management tools, and a network of expert resources.
Once clear-headed assessments are done, it is important to have well-defined methods to implement any necessary actions.

Process and Discipline: A new Glenwood client highlighted these two attributes among the major reasons for choosing to partner with our advisory services. Fiduciary Advisors must have real and documented methods. Private investors should demand real substance from their advisors.

Do families desire for their hard-earned wealth and unique goals to churn with emotion, uncertainty, quarterly earnings reports, Tweet storms, the sometimes- lazy method of “everything reverts to a mean”, or the lure of Wall Street products?

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